The 32nd Reaper Division

Triginta Duo Antequam Uno

Welcome to the 32nd Reaper Division


     We are the 32nd Reaper Division, established in 2006. We started out as a COD4/Resistance 1 clan, we were all about being small and only caring about each other. Back then we only had a handful of members and no one knew who we were. We decided to try and change the landscape of clans back then and even now. How many CoD clans do you know of who talk crap? How many show off and spin the bomb while defusing in Search and Destroy in Call of Duty? How many clans harbor cheaters, hackers and glitchers? Those who would exploit the game and ruin it for others. 

     We decided we weren't going to stand for any of that. We enter a game with a friendly face ready to help any potential teammates, ready to say good game to any enemy team who put up a decent fight. Those are our roots and from that we have grown into what we are today. We have entered the top 100 spot among the world's clans in 3 Call of Duty entries. Our Clan War teams (we have 2) in CoD: AW reached max level 25, earned red clan tags and has won numerous Platinum and Diamond Division wars. We train, practice and scrimmage with each other and other gamers every day, we encourage each other and offer helpful tips. Now that we have grown to where we are now, we help others grow too. 


      Nowadays we have 2 large sub-sections that we call "Companies". Alpha Company is dedicated to Call of Duty and Bravo Company is our Battlefield 4 section. They have been created for organization's sake. These shrink farther down into Squads.  You can also find us on all major social media sites. We offer a very deep and rich clan experience here in the 32nd Reaper Division as well. We grew from a loose pile of members who played together to a well oiled machine. We're now an organized structure complete with a ranking system, sections and sub-sections, leadership opportunities, role opportunities such as Recruiters and Trainers and much more.


      For those who are interested in joining, you must have or do these things: 

  • A team oriented personality/mindset.
  • A mic
  • Must be at least 16 years old. 
  • Must be a PS4 player. 
  • Must have the latest Call of Duty title and/or Battlefield 4.
  • Must register a profile here on the website.
  • Must join our Facebook group page here:
  • You must live in North America due to timezone concerns.
  • At least a 1.20 KDR for COD. (No stat requirements for BF4) 
  • At least 250 SPM in COD.

    More info can be found in the "Rules & Reqs" page.

Our Oath

     This is the Reaper Oath, written by one of our own, Franky352.

"I am a Reaper. I do not cheat, nor use tactics unbecoming of a Reaper. My fellow Reapers are my brothers and sisters. I will sacrifice myself to ensure victory if I am asked to do such. I must treat my enemy with the respect they deserve in victory and defeat. A Reaper is modest. A Reaper is skilled. A Reaper has self control on the field of battle. I must master these qualities if I want to better myself and earn the respect of my fellow Reapers. For the good of the clan, for the Brotherhood, The 32nd Reaper Division"

Reaper Creed

     And these lines are the Reaper's Creed. A set of rules or a code of conduct by which we all abide.

1. Earn us the respect the Reapers deserve.

2. Do not make enemies, but if you do, destroy them.

3. To better yourself, better your fellow Reaper.

4. Be the change you wish to see in others.

5. Discipline is the soul of an army.


32nd Reaper Division
Clan Founder & Co-Leader