The 32nd Reaper Division

Triginta Duo Antequam Uno

Clan Rules

1. Absolutely no glitching, boosting, hacking, cheating or exploiting of game faults for personal gain in any way what so ever. This is inexcusable and brings shame to not only your name, but ours as well. You can expect to be immediately banned from the clan if you are caught cheating in any way. This is a zero tolerance issue.

2. No shit-talking or arguing against an enemy team or your fellow clan members. You may not shit talk them even if they are talking crap to you. Simply state "good game" and leave it be. At the very most you may explain your actions in-game if you feel it absolutely necessary. Such as explaining that you were tasked with defending an area by your Team Leader. This removes responsibility from yourself and shows them that we are organized. Arguing clouds your head and takes your attention away from the game. Your team needs you to have a clear head, give it to them.

2.5. An add-on to this rule includes not shit-talking or arguing with your superiors in particular. Generally disrespectful language directed toward higher ranking members will not be taken kindly and can result in demotions or being removed from the clan. We understand that disagreements can and will happen, but know the time and place for these disagreements. During the middle of a game is NOT the time to argue with fellow members and most especially, higher ranking members or the Team Leader. Resolve any disagreements "off the field" in a private chat setting with the person you are offended by/against.

3. You get to leave the clan only twice. We operate on a two strike rule here.
The first strike is when you have joined up for the first time and you leave, or get kicked for the first time. After this, you may rejoin, but you must be voted back in by a committee made up of the members that you left. The second strike occurs if you get voted down, OR you get voted back in, but get kicked or leave again.
If you fail to learn after the second time, and you use up your second strike, you are forever banned from the clan. You may still play with our members when they are not needed for official activities like clan wars, scrims, practices, etc. But after two strikes, you will never again wear the Reaper name and tag officially.

4. No rage-quitting or rage-suicide. This is cowardly behavior. This is the behavior of a child. Reapers are not children regardless of age. We all operate on the same level of maturity and responsibility to each other. When you abandon the fight and run away you are not only failing yourself, but all of your teammates. We win as a team and if we must, we lose as a team.

5. No double-clanning. Essentially, it's us or them. We are your gaming family, we are a brotherhood. Either you are fully dedicated to us or you are not. If you are not, feel free to leave to the other clan. You are simply given a choice, pick one.

6. (IN COD) Do not join in on fellow Reaper's public matches and play against them. If you "join session" and are on the same team feel free to stay. If you join and you are on the other team, either leave or do not fire upon any Reapers. Nor should you give the Reapers any free kills, for that is boosting. If you wish, try and hide. Otherwise leave. The risk of incurring any punishments is yours when you decide to join and remain on the other team.(In Battlefield, it is generally more accepted since there are no killstreaks to ruin, and there are large amounts of people other than your fellow Reapers to kill. But if your fellow Reapers on the other team ask you to leave, respect their wishes and try to join up on their team ASAP)

7. As a general statement, members are not allowed to post potentially offensive, racially controversial, sexually explicit, or heavy drug related comments, pictures, or other content here, in game or on their gaming related social media accounts. If it reflects us as a clan in any way, don't post it. Keep anything like that to your personal accounts with no ties to us in any way.
EXTENSION: We also do not accept demoralizing comments, speech, or posts in our conversation areas. Anything that can be taken as negative toward the clan in a public setting may be removed. Come to the appropriate members/leaders via private chat with your complaints or comments instead. 

8. Certain clan leadership positions hold the right to demote members in their sections. Most typically, this will only be Commissioned Officers who can do this. But section leaders in general have considerable sway in promotions and demotions when they submit their member's EPR scores every month. So try and make friends with your section leaders in particular. Positions with the power to demote will be allowed to do so based on their discretion. If you believe you were demoted wrongly, you may contact GTAmerc, Bear, and the person you were demoted by.

9. Major clan changes will (typically) be put to a vote. We use voting to solve many situations here. This clan is not a full democracy, but we do try and give as much power to the member as possible. If you have a problem with something here, bring it to me (GTAmerc) or Co-Leader AZ-REDBEAR, and we'll consider putting it to a vote. However clan leaders retain the right to deny a vote application depending on the subject and reasoning. We will provide a reason if we deny the application.
EXTENSION: The clan's Founder, me, GTAmerc, retains the right and power to make any executive decisions believed necessary in regards to the clan and anything involved therein. This power is based in the fact that I was the original Reaper, and have built everything here. There is no one else in the clan with more experience regarding clan based operations and decisions.While I do seek advice for various decisions, I do still withhold the right to make the ultimate decision. Extended arguments against this will be removed.

10. The Reaper Creed is also to be considered a set of rules. The Reaper Creed is a set of ideals and guidelines by which all Reapers must abide and follow. Disregarding our Creed is indeed, one of the biggest offenses you can make here.

Clan rules are subject to change at any time. But they will only be in effect upon placement here on this website. 


Membership Requirements Expanded

     Below is a further breakdown of our general membership requirements. This typically never change. However included below, will be specific requirements that are subject to change, such as KDR, SPM, & W/L ratio minimum requirements.

1. Personality. Your personality must be mature, collected and fair. You must be easy-going and able to have fun, but also serious and able to get down to business when needed. You must also be able to tell the difference and when each of those things are required. You must be willing to take constructive criticism and direction. But you must also be willing to direct and teach others when the time is right. We are primarily looking for good -people-, not just good players. 

2. Residence in North America. While we would like to include people from all over the world, we cannot. The Division needs members that are going to be on roughly around the same time, within the same few timezones. This is important because we schedule lots of events and we expect members to show up on time. This is not possible if you live 12 hours away from the clan's time.

3. Patience. We aren't going anywhere and neither are you. Everything we do may take time. The Recruit Probation Period, for example, is a minimum of 2 weeks before you are even allowed in the clan. It will likely take you over a year to reach Level 20 in the clan. Even longer if you want Division Commander status and Level 24. Our parties sometimes take time to get into games due to waiting on members to finish classes or get something to drink or simply finish talking about something. Things take time here and if you do not have patience you will not last.

4. 16 years old minimum. We do have some young players, but we aim to have a more mature and older population base. If you are 12, I am sorry, but come back later. The reason for this is because we cannot have members getting off because it's bed time during a clan battle. Additionally, kids usually tend to be immature, noisy and out of control. This is not always the case however and we do have some exceptions.

5. You need a mic. All of our members have mics for communication. This is necessary due to our communication being one of our deadliest weapons in game. If you don't have one, come back when you do.

6. A Facebook account. This is so you can join our Facebook group page, and be reached via Facebook Messenger where a huge majority of our communication and updates take place. 

7. You must have COD: Modern Warfare Remastered, Infinite Warfare, or Battlefield 1 to join, and a PS4. 

8. Minimum Stat Requirements:


KDR: 1.45. 

W/L: .80. 

SPM: 250. 


KDR: 1.20.

SPM: 500. 

W/L: 40%. 

Joining Process Explained


32nd Reaper Division


Version 1

Joining Process

                This article provides the necessary information pertaining to the joining process of this clan in easy to follow steps.

  1. Check our minimum membership requirements listed above.

  2. If you meet these requirements, register a profile here on this website.

  3. Once you have registered a profile, join our Facebook group page here: or if that link does not work, simply search “32nd Reaper Division” on Facebook and join the “group page”.

  4. Once you have joined, be sure to read the pinned post at the top of the group page.

  5. When you have joined, you will be tagged in a welcome post by one of our members. In this post, you will be asked some questions to make sure you have completed the above steps, as well as some additional questions.

  6. Once you answer these questions, you will be assigned a Recruiter if you do not already have one. Your Recruiter will then introduce himself to you.

  7. Now that you have officially registered and have been processed, you will begin a 2 week long probation period, during which you hold the title of “Recruit”. Your clan tag during this time should read “Rcrt” to identify yourself to Reapers and other recruits alike. Your Recruiter will help you through this probation period, and you will have a number of objectives to complete during this time. 

    8. At the end of your two weeks, you will be allowed in as an official Reaper Division member if you pass the final 10 question probation test. Your starting rank will depend on your test score. You will also be assigned to a Squad, introduced to your Squad Leader, your fellow Squad mates, and introduced to other members of the clan. You will also be granted access to all of our training and practice sessions, Clan War Teams, and Specialty Battalions. Once you are here, you are an official Reaper.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact any member you see. Or me “GTAmerc” on PSN or Facebook.

  8. Best, 
    32nd Reaper Division
    Clan Founder & Co-Leader

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